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Enterprises: Our international expertise

Enterprises: Our international expertise

The INTERNATION DESK DIOT-SIACI EST : expertise at its excellence

Our Strasbourg office is specialized in the management of international clients, particularly German clients. Given our geographical position, we have created a dedicated entity, INTERNATIONAL DESK DIOT-SIACI EST, to assist our German, Swiss and Austrian neighbors in developing their activities in France, as well as our American and Spanish clients.

The INTERNATIONAL DESK DIOT-SIACI EST team is composed of seven specialists in German culture, who also master several languages and have more than thirty years of experience. To build the best international programs, we rely on the strength of several broker networks of which we are members: Eubronet (Europe) and Unisonsteadfast (World). We also work daily with more than 150 brokers (including 70 German brokers) worldwide, each of whom is the market leader in their country. Furthermore, we cooperate with the "Eigene" auto insurance brokers in major German companies, as well as with German banks.

This mastery of the workings of international insurance programs also allows us to accompany companies from all over the world. To date, more than 500 companies have placed their trust in us.

Our strengths:

  • Mastery of the legal and technical specificities of each country, in order to avoid any lack of guarantees
  • Production of all materials in German and English
  • Dedicated team

Our goals:

  • To guarantee you the best service thanks to our high technicality and our attention to detail
  • Fast and appropriate responsiveness
  • Tailor made solutions according to your specific needs while adapting to the constant evolution of the market
  • Accompanying you step by step in your programs and promote their evolution
  • Regularly report and update you especially in the management of claims

Our know-how: in examples below


K. GmbH, a company specialized in air conditioning and which head office is based in Germany, was required to have a 10 years liability insurance in order to fulfill the requirement in France. The company being German and with no establishment in France, was unable to insurance its construction in France and as a result could lose its contract.

Our intervention, thanks to our expertise in construction and our solid relationships with major insurers of the French market, allowed us to find a ten-year insurance solution for this company, which has now become a loyal client.

Since then, this experience has kept growing and until now we are providing such assistance over thirty German companies in the same situation.

Renewable energies

Wind energy is one of our main areas of expertise. Our German and Swiss clients, major promoters of wind energy, regularly call on us and we support them in discussions with the specialized auditors mandated by the banks. Over the years, we have developed a strong partnership with Gothaer, the leading insurer in Europe with 45% of the market.

To complete our package, we also propose (in partnership with DIOT-SIACI CREDIT, a subsidiary of DIOT-SIACI), legal bonds for dismantling, In addition to wind power, our expertise extenders to the covering of photovoltaic installations as well as biogas and methanization plants.



Your contacts - International expertise

Barbara GERTZ
Barbara GERTZ/ Head of International Desk /
Barbara GERTZ/ Head of International Desk /

20 years of experience

Alfred MATTERN/ International Consultant /
Alfred MATTERN/ International Consultant /

40 years of experience
Brokerage / Banking

Geneviève LAMBINET
Geneviève LAMBINET/ International Account Manager /
Geneviève LAMBINET/ International Account Manager /

30 years of experience
Brokerage / Banking


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